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Interior Finish Solutions

Isolpro offers the full spectrum of interior finish solutions. The best-known product is Sonorex®: a complete assortment designed to improve the acoustics of rooms with suspended ceiling systems. Besides providing excellent acoustic insulation, up to an impressive 33 dB, the made-to-measure Sonorex® Barrières or panels (the solution to counteract the propagation of noise and fire above ceilings) offer a fire resistance in excess of 60 minutes.

The range also includes the following products: Sonorex® Sonoseal - glass or stone wool sealed in PE to improve the ceiling’s sound absorption; Sonorex® Suskappen - special caps that prevent light fixtures acting as a source of noise leakage; and Sonorex® baffles, which improve room acoustics.

Isolpro is a supplier of ceiling systems from manufacturers such as Eurocoustic, BPB, Illbruck and API. For partition walls, the extensive assortments of Rockwool and Isover are also at your disposal.

Thanks to exceptional logistics, fast deliveries are possible; often from stock. Isolpro is well known among architects, building consultants, contractors and interior builders as a reliable, first-rate partner.

Isolpro for Interior Finish Insulation Solutions