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Sonorex Sonoseal

Sonorex® Sonoseal is sealed-in glass wool or rock wool board that improves sound attenuation and spatial acoustics wherever lowered ceilings are used.

Sonorex Sonoseal

Sonorex® Sonoseal is a glass wool or rock wool board sealed all round by fire-retarding PE film. Use of Sonorex® Sonoseal above a system ceiling improves sound attenuation to 12 dB. Sonorex® Sonoseal is fitted above a system ceiling or in a perforated steel ceiling cassette. The dimensions of Sonorex® Sonoseal are tailored to the dimensions of the ceiling. Sonorex® Sonoseal is particularly suited to situations where plenum extraction is used. During assembly and disassembly of the system ceiling Sonorex® Sonoseal provides extra ease of use.

Fire safety
Sonorex® Sonoseal has been tested in accordance with European fire classification EN-13501-1. Sonorex® Sonoseal falls into the highest classification for smoke and droplet formation; B-S1D0 (from a thickness of 50 mm).

A glass wool or rock wool board fitted with fire-retarding PE film forms the basis of Sonorex®. Sonoseal. Sonorex® Sonoseal is obtainable only in black.

Sonorex® Sonoseal is produced in conformity with the highest quality standards. Sonorex® Sonoseal boards can be supplied in any desired dimensions and thicknesses.

Sonorex® Sonoseal boards are placed loose either on or in the system ceiling.