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Sonorex® 40/45 Light

Fire and noise barriers

The Sonorex® 40/45 barrier was specially developed for use above light partition walls and lowered ceilings in order to improve lengthwise insulation and fire resistance. This development was driven by a growing demand for flexibility of furnishing in combination with stringent requirements in the utility and healthcare sectors.

Sonorex 40/45 Light

Bandraster grid unnecessary, provided that the adjoining ceiling is specified as fire class C or better and is locally resistant to higher temperatures. The Sonorex® 40/45 barrier is usable in combination with the wall up to a total height of no less than 4000 mm!

Refer to the Sonorex® assembly advice for information on how to fit the Sonorex® 40/45 barrier. Contact us if you have specific questions about the usage of the Sonorex® 40/45 barrier.