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Metal Building Solutions

If your business involves commercial metal buildings, Clecon is the ideal, flexible insulation partner. Clecon insulation blankets have proved their exceptional qualities in practice. The high insulation value, high classifications according to European fire standards, excellent sound-absorption properties and the CE quality mark mean that as an insulation material for roof and wall constructions, this product is sold in high volumes throughout Europe and even beyond.

Clecon is a prominent supplier of insulation material for metal exterior walls. The growing trend in this market is the realisation of architectonically distinctive wall structures, in addition to the straightforward inner box / outer sheeting construction. Clecon is more in this market than just a supplier of A-brands like Rockwool and Isover. The Clecon specialists are eager to place their technical knowledge and building-physics expertise at your disposal.

A further speciality are the Clecon Cannelures: trapezoidal-shaped fillers of glass or stone wool sealed in black PE, which are used to improve the sound absorption in buildings with a structural metal roof deck. Clecon Cannelures can be manufactured to fit any desired profile, in your choice of glass or stone wool.

Clecon for Metal Building Insulation Solutions