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Clecon Quilt insulation CF305

The Clecon CF 305 facing

The Clecon glass fibre insulation blanket type CF 305 has a white aluminium foil which has been laminated to a glass fibre quilt made from medium long fibres.

The Clecon CF 305 facing has the following build up:

  • a white polyester paint coated aluminium foil. This is the visible side.
  • a fiberglass scrim reinforcement 5 x 5 mm. This scrim ensures extra strength to reduce wrinkles, waves and tears during installation. The tabs have additional scrim reinforcement.
  • an extra PE foil as an excellent moisture vapour barrier. - NON-INFLAMMABLE product A2-S1,d0 EN 13501-1.

This glass fibre blanket is extremely suitable for a situation where high fire performance characteristics are required.

The Clecon fibre glass blankets are supplied to length, from a minimum of 10 metres up to a maximum dependent on the thickness and density.