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Clecon quilt insulation

This has been specially developed in prefab commercial buildings. The supporting structure is often made of steel, though wood or concrete is also possible.

Clecon quilt insulation amply meets the national standards in the various European countries and also meets the new European CE norms.

A top-quality product, in both engineering and visual terms
Clecon quilt insulation, which is made from medium-length glass wool fibres, has a high insulation value and an attractive facing. The product range includes several types of facing, including a white polyester paint and an aluminium finish. For insulation-related reasons these facings have special damp-reducing properties. Clecon quality is assured by an in-house quality department and by external inspections by independent bodies.

Broad field of application
The Clecon cold roof insulation method is an excellent solution from an economic point of view. This form of insulation is also eminently suited for the walls. The attractive facing on the interior side requires no additional finish. This construction system has a very broad field of application, such as for: storage and distribution halls, production rooms, workshops, sports complexes, etc.

High insulation value
The basis material is glass wool with medium-length fibres, with a declared lambda value on the basis of the European EN-13162 standard of 0.038 W/mK. Depending on the selected material thickness, this results in the following insulation values:

Nominal thickness (mm) 40 50 60 80 100 120 140
R-declared (m2.K/W) 1,05 1,30 1,55 2,10 2,60 3,15 3,65

Excellent fire-resistant properties
Insurance companies are demanding increasingly high flammability standards of the materials used. The basis material of the quilt insulation is glass wool, a non-flammable material. This, in combination with the special Clecon film, results in products of an excellent flammability class, tested to the European standard EN 13501-1 (classes A to F). The products score well with regard to smoke development (s) and formation of flaming drips (d).

Film type CF 105 CF 105.0 CF 305 CF 202
Flammability class A1 A1 A2-S1, d0 D-S3, d0

**Good acoustic properties **
Unlike hard facing materials, Clecon quilt insulation has excellent sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties. These properties may be very important in several situations. Examples are production rooms with noisy machinery, sports halls and high rooms in general that have to meet certain acoustic standards.

Perfect light reflection
The use of white Clecon facings creates an excellent light-reflecting inner skin. During the day the indoor lighting will often not need to be on, or not fully on, thereby saving energy.

Clecon: hallmark for customisation
The roll length is geared to the specific dimensions applicable to each individual project. This prevents unnecessary material loss. The minimum length is 10 m, while the maximum roll length depends on the thickness and width of the material.

Nominal thickness (mm) 40 50 60 80 100 120 140
Roll length (m); min. 10,0 10,0 10,0 8,0 6,0 5,0 4,0
1,20 m wide max. 29,0 24,0 21,0 16,0 13,0 11,0 10,0
Nominal thickness (mm) 40 50 60 80 100 120 140
Roll length (m); min. - - 10,0 8,0 - - -
1,00 m wide max. - - 25,0 19,0 - - -

The standard width is 1.20 m, though type CF 305 can also be supplied in a width of 1.00 m. The quilt insulation can be used without any further accessories for purlin spans of up to 1.60 m. For larger purlin spans square galvanised mesh should be used as an auxiliary support.

Short delivery times
The delivery time is approx. 2 to 3 weeks. If necessary certain orders can be filled very quickly. This also applies to repeat orders, of course. Clecon follows a fixed procedure for supplying orders. Before delivery, for instance, the customer is contacted so that a precise delivery time can be agreed. This service is very important in cases where building schedules change frequently, for example because of adverse weather conditions.

Accessories and fastening materials
Vanzelfsprekend levert Clecon alle benodigde montagematerialen zoals nietmachines, nietjes, verzinkt vierkant draadgaas, tapes e.d.

Clecon advisor
Clecon’s technical advisor is available to all customers, with product information or expert advice on the use of the quilt insulation.

Clecon quilt insulation: inexpensive
Clecon quilt insulation is certainly less expensive than other roofing and wall systems. Factors that determine price are: thickness of thermal quality, selected facing and quantity. The price-quality ratio of the material can be described as very favourable.

Clecon service: you can build on it
Clecon stands for quality and optimal service. That means supplying quickly and accurately. For repeat orders too.